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A Pair of Light Up Shoes for Me

When I saw my 14 year old niece wearing a pair of light up shoes, I thought they were the coolest things I had seen in a very long time. They were black with a green strip of lights around the bottom of them. I told her I really liked them and teasingly asked her where she had gotten them from. She surprised me when she told me that there are a lot of people my age buying light up shoes for adults rather than for younger people like herself.

That really did surprise me, because I had never really paid attention to others’ shoes before. I started looking though when I was out, and I did see a few adults wearing similar shoes to what she was wearing. I decided to go ahead and look online to see if I could find a pair that would go with my workout clothes, since that would be the only time I would wear them. Continue reading “A Pair of Light Up Shoes for Me”

Tortured domain investor in panaji forced to purchase expensive anti radiation fabric

NTRO officials in panaji, goa are so ruthless in stalking and torturing a harmless domain investor to cover up their sex, cheating fraud that she is forced to purchase expensive anti radiation fabric to shield herself against the daily attack of these officials , The anti radiation fabric will attentuate the high power microwave radiation which is used to cause a lot of pain, by the ntro and other officials . The fabric is costing Rs 1900 or so per meter and domain investors have to cover themselves with a few layers of fabric to avoid being tortured by the ntro officials.
This is a clear indication of the bestiality, cruel, criminal mindset and lack of humanity of ntro and other officials in panaji, goa, they are getting a monthly salary and pension from the indian government , yet their cruelty in criminally attacking a harmless citizen for using a laptop in panaji, goa, is a clear indication of how the india gives great powers tro cruel criminal sex animal robots who are remote controlled by google, tata

Fashion style of Google, tata sponsored lazy greedy liar goan housewife Nisha Dsa

The powerful fraud Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees are so vicious in defaming a harmless google competitor, paypal account holder that in panaji, goa that they are falsely claiming that a lazy greedy mediocre cheater goan housewife nisha dsa mother of a girl studying in red rosary, living in st inez, goa. a shameless liar is doing work on the computer to give the fraud housewife nisha dsa great powers at the expense of the google competitor, who is getting nothing
As usual the banking, financial records will prove that the shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees in panaji, goa are pathological liars and frauds as the crooked lazy greedy cunning google, tata sponsored fraud goan housewife nisha dsa will not be able to show a single penny from paypal in her own bank account as she actually does no work at home, relies on fraud ntro,cbi, google, tata employees to make fake claims promoting her and duping people
When google, tata are paying salaries to thousands of employees, can these crooked shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees explain in an open debate why the goan housewife nisha is working online for free for years, without any financial compensation, in an open debate ?
It is important that people are aware of the fashion stype of the crooked nisha dsa so that they are not duped by her lies. Nisha dsa usually wears a tshirt with jeans or cullottes, and has her hair tied in a pony tail. White and blue striped tshirt is her favorite outfit
She may be wearing a denim jacket over her tshirt , and often wears lipstick

More news of her favorite outfits will be published soon

Naina clone at cams, placed by ntro employee parmar, wears red and black salwar kameez

The powerful ntro employee parmar is so infatuated with the cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, with rosebud lips that he has no sense of right and wrong, in his quest to make his darling naina rich and powerful overnight
After placing a naina clone, sandhya in a public sector bank, the fraud parmar has placed another naina clone at cams , falsely claiming his girlfriends owns the investment of a single woman engineer, who parmar hates and has harassed for many years
TThe naina clone at cams was wearing a red and black outfit, red kameez made of synethic material, with a black pattern and black salwar

It appears that the gujju fraudster parmar is overconfident of stealing the hard earned money of the single woman engineer, for his eighth standard pass girlfriend naina, and is wasting a huge amount of tax payer money in the process. Though the cbi employee gujju domain fraudster naina has never registered a single domain name, in her life the fraud parmar, falsely claims that she is a domain investor owning domain names (including this one) to waste tax payer money paying his girlfriend a monthly cbi salary

It is time that parmar changes his attitude towards educated women and stops wasting indian tax payer money to make his mediocre uneducated girlfriends rich and powerful

Black tshirts popular among young women in Goa

It appears that young women in Goa are increasingly preferring to wear black tshirts, and they are becoming the day time equivalent of the little black dress, LBD worn by young women to parties.
For example goa’s most notorious sex queen the slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc in her latest social media posting is spotted wearing a black tshirt, highlighting her thick black hair, with coconut trees in the background . Even otherwise in panaji, goa she is seen wearing a black figure hugging tshirt showing off her thin figure, which some powerful ntro employees worship.
At a workshop, a textile designer of about the same age as sex queen sunaina , was wearing a black and white tshirt, jeans, with horizontal white stripes on a black background. The talkative textile designer had completed her textile design course in mangalore, was currently working for a web designer and looking for related work (all overheard)

Check the quality of the fabric before purchasing leggings

One of the main reasons why women prefer leggings is that the fabric is stretchable and can accomodate any weight loss, without discarding the legging. Most of the good quality leggings available in the market are made of stretchable fabric, which will expand if required. However a retailer in panaji, goa is stocking leggings which are made of fabric which does not stretch at all.
Most legging buyers do not do a lot of research on the fabric when they are purchasing the legging, only when they start wearing the legging, the problem is becoming obvious as the fabric is not stretching at all. Wearing or removing the legging is becoming a major headache.
The retailer was very cunning while selling the legging, he offered a good discount of Rs 100 for purchasing multiple leggings, and now the buyer has to struggle to wear the leggings or lose weight quickly

Photos cannot describe clothes

Though there is a huge market for fashionable clothes in India , most clothes and fabrics are purchased offline only because pictures and photos can never describe the fabric and clothes, unless the seller is very specific. There are a lot of fabric blends available in the market , and however good the photos may be, the description of the clothes and fabric will not be very accurate. So for very cheap clothes, people may place orders online, however for high end clothes, many people will wish to check the quality of the fabric before making payment.

Playboy NTRO employees sunny bunny wearing teal grey outfit gifted by google, tata

Though the google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc does no work online and has not invested any money online, her powerful lovers in google, tata, ntro, cbi have gifted their sex partner, sunaina, a lucrative R&AW job making fake claims that the goan call girl owns this website (though the call girl does not spend any money). The R&AW job has made the goan call girl sunaina very rich and she is splurging on expensive clothes regularly .
The latest outfit gifted by google, tata employees to their favorite goan call girl R&AW employee sunaina was a teal grey outfit . In February 2017, the favorite sunny bunny, sunaina, sex queen of the playboy ntro employee, was spotted in a teal tshirt/top with a pink print, mesage, and grey cargo shorts in panaji, goa , doing some outdoor work . though the goan R&AW employee sunaina does no work online and does not spend any money online, her powerful fraud lovers/sex partners in cbi, ntro, google, tata, especially j srinivasan ensure that the call girls get credit and a monthly R&AW salary allowing her to splurge on expensive clothes, while the real domain investor is not getting anything despite paying all the expense because the tata, google controlled NTRO employees want to exploit her to enjoy FREE LIFETIME SEX with google, tata’s goan call girl R&AW employees , sunaina , siddhi

Ugliness caused by unhappiness

In VS Naipaul’ s book A writers people, he talks about his old grandmother, who was looking ugly in her old age, because of her unhappy life. It appears that indian intelligence and security agencies, google, tata are very aware of the fact that a person who is in very great pain continuously or extremely unhappy will become ugly over a period of time, even if he or she was good looking earlier. So the extremely cruel criminal tata, google, officials are bribing the dishonest fraud security and intelligence employees, especially NTRO employees related to shivalli brahmin cheater housewife R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar and others to stalk the google competitor, torture and cause great pain, at every possible opportunity to ruin her appearance to the extent possible,
They are also making it extremely difficcult for the google competitor to sleep well at night knowing that it affect her appearance especially the skin when she is not get enough sleep, skincare products will not fix the problem.

Online marketing strategy of competitors

One of the easiest way to rank well online, is to replicate the online marketing strategy of a competitor who is ranking well in search engines like google. The website owner(or their marketing agency), should prepare a comprehensive links list of the competitor’s website and then try to get the same links for their own website, to improve their search engine ranking and get more visitors to their website. It may take some time to compile a megalog of their competitors link strategy, however it will be useful in future.

Making gifts for sale

Google has developed a very effective way of destroying competition in India, getting the extremely powerful and corrupt intelligence and security agency officials label harmless domain investors as a security threat without any proof at all, so that the google competitor can be put under surveillance for years, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money .
The google competitor will find it extremely difficult to make any money online and offline, as the officials on the payroll of google are maintaining a very detailed log of all the activities of the google competitor for many years, wasting indian tax payer money. Instead of wasting time online, to find that all payment is blocked, account closed, it is advisable to devote the same amount of time working offline and making gifts for sale, online or offline.

All leads, orders from services will be blocked and any vendor who gives orders, person will be rewarded for cheating, treachery with a lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence job. The only way to make some money online, is registering rereleased domain names and try to find customers for these domain names, though it can be a very risky business.

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