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Purchasing clothes online
Though prices for clothes online are significantly lower at different portals like Myntra, Yebhi, shopperstop, Flipkart, 99labels, there are several disadvantages of buying clothes online after extensive research
1. sizes of the clothes are not clearly specified for most online shopping websites. , For every brand the dimensions for clothes of every size are different, and after ordering the clothes many buyers find that the dress will be too tight, too loose, too short or too long. They have to alter the clothes.
2. Fabric colour and material will not be clearly specified. Material will be particularly important 3. Quality - online it is not possible to check fabric quality, and the cloth was very old, it tore within a week of wearing. 4. limited range of clothes - online stores will usually stock western clothes like tshirts, shirts for women as internet users in india tend to be westernized,
A large amount of money was spent on purchasing clothes online for research, most of the clothes were not wearable, of the wrong size or were of poor quality. For example Biba has excellent quality clothes at a retail store, but has only a few retail stores in India which stock their clothes, mostly in metro cities. However, when ordered online from Shopperstop, the clothes delivered were of extremely poor design and quality and could not be worn.
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