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Working women
One of the biggest untapped market remains affordable well stitched ethnic clothes for working women in India. As mentioned earlier western clothes do not suit the figure of the average indian woman, are uncomfortable, and may also cause safety problems for women especially in rural and conservative areas.
While people of average height and weight will find it easy to find suitable clothes for themselves at readymade stores, those who are shorter, taller, fatter than average will often find it difficult to get suitable clothes. they either have to get the clothes stitched according to their specification, or modify the readymade clothes which they purchase from a boutique or retail store, Hence they will prefer to wear tailormade clothes, especially if the tailor has affordable rates and can stitch as specified,
Today most younger people in westernized areas of the country will wear western formal or tshirt which are available readymade. However, these clothes may be considered provocative or revealing in other places, asking for trouble and older women will not prefer to wear these clothes. while women who stay at home do not need many clothes, those who have to go out every day to office or for other work, will often find that their clothes are getting worn out, due to wear and tear daily.
Hence they have to find suitable suppliers of well designed clothes which can be a very time consuming affair, Most working women with a job, have to be in office from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm leaving them with very little free time for doing their chores like shopping for clothes. There are a number of brands for mens clothes in India like Van heusen, Arrow, Peter England, but there are almost no affordable ethnic wear brands for women which are well designed to suit all indian women. These clothes are of good material and can last for years without wear and tear.
Clothes for women from Biba are affordable at sales in retail stores, but the number of stores remains limited to large cities. Aurelia was earlier affordable, today their prices have increased to a very great extent with the clothes at retailers costing more than Rs 900+ for a kurti. Most local boutiques will stock unbranded ethnic clothes for women, yet these clothes are poorly designed and often do not fit the customer properly.
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