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Options for selecting kurti
To keep prices low and affordable the basic kurti model available will have no frills or add ons which would increase the cost significantly. Currently there are many kurti suppliers who have well designed expensive clothes, the focus has been on keeping the price extremely low. Dimensions of the kurti like the length and chest width will be provided to ensure that there will be no confusion about the fitting and size of the garment at a later date, . At present there are a number of variations available for the clothes available which include
1. neck design - round, vee neck, or other pattern
2. pocket for keeping the purse
3. slit length and number of slits in the kurti.
4. back design
5. sleeve length
6. size of the clothes, prices are quoted for XL size, for smaller sizes, the cost will be lower. The price for shorter kurti will also be less.
7. material and colour, whether wrinkle proof, needs ironing
8. embroidery can be provided
Depending on the option which has been selected the price will vary.
For smaller sizes of garments for thinner/slimmer women and teenagers, the textile material needed will be less, and the lower prices can be passed on to the wholesaler, retailer and end customer. Bulk discounts are available for large orders or if cash advance payment has been made.

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