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Fashion trends for women
Increasingly as wearing western clothes becomes a sign of competence, education and skills, especially in the indian internet sector, most younger people prefer to wear western clothes, shirts and tshirts to avoid their career being affected due to the extremely strong prejudices against women wearing traditional indian clothes. These clothes do not suit the figure of most indian women, yet they are forced to wear these uncomfortable clothes. Men continue to dominate the workforce in India, and they will often judge a woman exclusively on the basis of her appearance, clothes she wears, hairstyle and fashion sense
These men especially in the indian internet sector do not want to even speak to the woman to find out what she knows or check her written knowledge , they will judge a woman exclusively on the basis of her beauty. Hence these officials will falsely claim that their semi literate lazy cheater liar good looking young friends, with no engineering experience, were their classmates in a top engineering college, with many years of experience to appoint these mediocre inexperienced frauds to important government jobs in the indian internet sector at the expense of experienced webmasters and engineers,
Unfortunately allegedly due to the support of dishonest corporates like google and tata for these good looking mediocre frauds, they will probably continue to hold the important government jobs in the fraud ridden indian internet sector for the rest of their lives,acting as puppets for their dishonest greedy male relatives, who will extort bribes from people. Powerful dishonest cheater officials will also give these good looking fashionable frauds credit for the revenues of the experienced webmasters they have cheated, license to exploit their victims for the rest of their lives. The webmaster has been trying to notify all placement agencies in India of these frauds so that they are not misled by these officials and their friends
In other sectors like engineering, people are more conservative, and changing dressing style after a few decades can be difficult. However, retail stores in many cities, do not stock well designed, stitched indian clothes or these clothes are extremely expensive,
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