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Cheapest kurtis for women
Cheap kurti, low cost kurti, India for Rs 111
After extensive research, Low cost kurtis, tops for women , are available for wholesalers, retailers, flea market, fairs, bulk buyers, boutiques and stockist for as little as Rs 111 (minimum quantity 4 ). These kurtis are ideal for daily use, while cooking, at home where they will be spoilt quickly, for messy festivals like holi, when clothes may get spoilt due to the colours. The clothes are designed for the basic function of covering the body. We hope to sell the cheapest clothes for women in India over a period of time as the manufacturing process will get optimized according to market demand and experience gained over a period of time,
Prices are kept low because technical/manufacturing experience has been used for
1. Finding low cost suppliers of fabric, optimizing the fabric available in the market
2. Reducing manufacturing time using design optimization
3. Reducing material needed for stitching a kurti after optimizing the material requirement
4. reducing middle men who charge a commission
5. no unnecessary frills and addons like design pattern
In future as more inexpensive fabric suppliers are located , the cost of the kurti should reduce to a very great extent.

Payment by VPP only for initial order
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