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Non availability of clothes
Increasingly people are judged by the clothes they wear, and often they do not wear well fitting and well designed clothes at retail stores because
1. a very limited range of readymade clothes are available in the area. usually there will be only one garment shop which may have 5-10 clothes for women . Women who prefer to wear Indian clothes will find that nothing suitable stocked, especially a particular colour, in the retail store. Hence they will be forced to wear the clothes they like for a very long period of time.
2. tailor cannot stitch the clothes properly, often there are communication problems. The length of the dress will be more than what was specified or the slit will be very high.
3. readymade clothes are very expensive, and are not properly designed. For a kurti, most retail stores will not stock any clothes which cost less than Rs 450. The material used may be too transparent, or not fit properly
4. no tailor in the vicinity : Due to high shop rentals in certain places, especially tourist areas or posh areas, there may not be a tailor in the vicinity . Many women will not be comfortable travelling a long distance to get their clothes stitched, 5. Though most men buy their clothes as there are many brands for men, women wearing ethnic clothes, usually prefer to get their clothes tailor made. However, most tailors are men, and many women are not comfortable with a male tailor
6. tailor has too many orders especially during the festive and wedding season , many tailors will charge double the rate, and not be able to deliver the order in time. They may take a week or fortnight, which will not be acceptable especially if the clothes are needed for a special event like a meeting, interview, party, wedding or other function.
7. For a person who has a limited budget, would like to save money, tailoring clothes at home can save a significant amount and also ensure that the clothes fit as desired. Earlier tailors would charge Rs 150 for a set, current rate will be checked.
Hence affordable tailormade clothes at a reasonable price will be in demand in any part of the country

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