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Tailoring as work at home to earn extra money
Unlike almost any computer based business, where the level of monitoring today has become very high due to fake concerns about national security, stitching clothes at home will be convenient as it cannot be monitored or sabotaged remotely .The monitoring results in the loss of privacy, and the person will be vulnerable to impersonation attempts which can be dangerous for an older person who does not wish to lose his or her earned money,becoming penniless in her old age. In a large country like India clothes and fabric items like bags,napkins are always in demand so a hardworking person whose online business has been repeatedly sabotaged by large corporates who can waste infinite tax payer money, will find offline business more lucrative as these companies will not be able to sabotage so quickly without being detected, Another major problem faced for online or computer work at home, is that well connected powerful people in the indian internet sector are extremely dishonest , greedy lazy liars, They have access to expensive government equipment and will falsely claim that their good looking lazy cheater liar relative or friends will own the business and are doing all the work, when these cheater lazy women do not do any work or spend any money. These lazy cheater women then get the government job with salary because of their frauds relatives and friends, who shamlessly claim credit for all the good work, and viciously defame the experienced webmaster to justify their promotion of their fraud greedy lazy friends and relatives . This will be extremely unfair to the hardworking experienced person.
there are 3 different options available to a person who would like to earn money from tailoring or stitching
1. stitch clothes and accessories according to orders received
2. purchase fabric and stitch different items for sale according to demand.
3. offer to cut and stitch clothes at client's house for a day at a fixed rate.
All these are a viable work at home option for people interested in making some extra money or cannot use the computer due to the high level of surveillance, impersonation attempt .
Earlier online work from home was considered lucrative, today, even a hardworking tailor can make more money at home, due to the decline in advertising rates, corporate espionage, high levels of corruption, and nepotism in the indian internet sector, where theft of emails and orders has become very common. Greedy officials will demand a commission for every transaction online/offline or the webmaster, domain investor will find that they get no orders as these orders are diverted, their payment blocked, retirement savings stolen, and often subjected to the most horrific human rights abuses causing great pain, headache, memory loss, insomnia.
. For example a tailor will charge Rs 150 for stitching a salwar kameez, a person who will learn to cut and stitch clothes can easily stitch 3 or 4 clothes at home a day, more if he or she will work longer hours, and has some experience. Additionally there will be a risk that the clothes may have some kind of tagging or tracking installed, especially for a person who has been under surveillance for years. There are a wide range of fabric items like handkerchief, cloth bag, quilt, table cloth, which can be stitched at home, which most people need daily. hence tailoring can be a good option for people interested in working at home offline
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