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Brittany Pants latest online fraud garments website cheating indian citizens

The indian government, internet sector policy of rewarding charming greedy frauds making FAKE promises that they will purchase domains like greedy gujju fraudster stock broker asmita patel with R&AW/cbi jobs and monthly government salary has led to a large number of online shopping frauds.
Brittany pants is the latest online shopping website which is looting indian citizens, not delivering items after collecting payment
The following people, mainly young women are complaining
Jyotica Tandon
Pragati Lama
Roshni C
Shainy Lal
Jyotsna Sethi
Deepthi GS
Jiya 25

The orders are for large amounts usually Rs 2500 or more, and no action is taken. This expose the CORRUPTION, BRIBERY in the indian internet sector, companies like Brittany pants are allowed to flourish despite cheating a large number of indian citizens, collect payment from them and also communicate freely.
In contrast though the single woman domain investor, owning this website has not cheated anyone, she is not allowed to receive payment from any indian customer since 2010, and her correspondence is robbed without a legally valid reason by the greedy goan fraud raw/cbi employees, panaji robber queen greedy gsb housewife riddhi nayak caro, who looks like actress kangana ranaut, siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari fraud slim hotpant wearing sunain chodan, mba hr ruchika kinge who are all running a lucrative extortion, impersonation racket to get monthly government salaries
Google, tata, fraud indian internet companies are justifying the CORRESPONDENCE ROBBERY of the domain investor falsely claiming that they are worried about honesty, though these liar fraud companies cannot provide any proof against the single woman.Can google, tata, LIAR indian tech and internet companies , indian government, raw/cbi/ntro explain why the domain investor is not allowed to receive payment,her correspondence robbed, though she is innocent, while companies like Brittany pants are allowed to flourish, without any action against them though they are cheating hundreds or thousands of indian citizens?