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Expensive, poorly designed underclothes for women in India

It is possible to find several suppliers of nighties which require at least 1.2 m X 1.3 m fabric, who will supply the stitched nighty for Rs 200 - Rs 250. However it remains extremely difficult to find suppliers of well designed, comfortable, affordable underclothes for women in India. Most of the underclothes for women will take up a fraction of the cloth fabric compared to nighties in terms of area and stitching effort, however there are almost no suppliers of quality and affordable underclothes in India with a country wide retail network.
Most of the major branded suppliers of underclothes in India are charging at least Rs 250 a piece for underclothes for their cheapest design, indicating that there is a lot of profit to be made if a company or individual manages to figure out the right design for indian women of different sizes, weights and body structure.