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Domain fraudster R&AW/cbi employees continue to show off their new clothes, refuse to purchase any domains, yet get monthly government salaries

Domain fraudster R&AW/cbi employees have plenty of money to purchase new clothes, yet government refuses to update domain ownership records since 2010
For all other investment,expenses of citizens like shares, property, government updates its records within 48 hours of the transaction being completed.
Indicating the ruthlessness of the indian tech and internet companies, allegedly led by google, tata, the government has refused to update its domain ownership records since 2010, using incorrect records to pay monthly government salary to the friends and relatives of top government officials who are faking ownership of domains,
All these domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are leading lavish lifestyle, for example haryana gurugram raw employee mba hr ruchita kinge, optum human resources manager, is wearing new expensive clothes in almost every photo which she posts on instagram with her family, yet refuses to pay even a small amount of money for domains and get it legally transferred to her name. It appears that for Diwali she acquired a new wardrobe of expensive clothes.
Similarly, bull dog owning goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan has plenty of money to purchase new clothes which she shows off in her instagram account with her husband, spend money on her bulldog tago, allegedly named after her loyal google, tata pimps who are duping companies, countries and people worldwide, yet refuses to legally purchase this and other domains which she falsely claims to own to pocket a monthly government salary.
The lavish wardrobe of domain fraudster greedy gujju raw employee stock trader amita patel, featured in moneycontrol, hindu business line, economic times is also exposed in the many videos and photos which she is posting online.
It can be legally proved that these and other domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are not paying any money for domains, yet the government refuses to update,correct its records, cause great financial losses to the real domain investor.