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Sonali Phogat garments show that the difference between private and public life of politicians

One of the reasons why everyone is closely monitoring the death of haryana bjp leader sonali phogat is because it exposes the difference in the public and private life of politicians who get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media.
While sonali phogat was very conservatively dressed in public wearing sarees or salwar kameez, the cctv footage shows a different person. There are 3 cctv clips being widely circulated, in the first she is dressed in all black outfit, shirt pant and dancing in a disco with her long hair left open.
In the second clip she is wearing a crop top and short hot pants and is being helped by her assistant as she staggers
The last clip shows her wearing even less clothes, and is being helped by her assistant as she staggers to her room
If sonali phogat was alive, this footage would have never been circulated, now that she is dead, everyone is watching the footage with great interest, since it shows the real lifestyle of powerful leaders.

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