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Young women ordering new clothes online for weddings, parties and returning them

Reading reddit is interesting because it exposes trends which the mainstream media does not cover
Due to the government, indian corporate sector policy of rewarding frauds and persecuting honest people, it appears that exploiting has become a part of indian society and culture in the last few years.
Purchasing new clothes for wedding, parties is expensive
So increasingly it appears that young people are ordering new clothes online, wearing them once for the party and then returning them to get a refund according to a person posting on reddit.
The loser is the online seller, and marketplace
The domain investor would notice that goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan and her sisters would return 5-6 items at a time, mostly clothes. First she thought that the items were of poor quality, now it appears that online shopping has become the best way to wear new clothes without paying for them for some young women.