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LIAR ntro employee parmar, blinded by his prejudice and encouraging young men to be prejudiced against older women wearing indian clothes

Most of the content in the blog is generated mainly because the LIAR ntro employee parmar, is blinded by his prejudice against ugly older women who wear indian clothes, and refuses to acknowledge the fact that the clothes, or appearance are not linked to the education levels, skills and computer knowledge.

The clothes a woman wears are her personal choice, she will wear whatever she finds comfortable. Many western clothes are tight or expose more skin for mosquitoes to bite them. The appearance of a woman depends to a great extent on hereditary factors, age and the life she leads
A woman who has been subjected to sexual harassment and torture by ntro employees for the last 10 years wasting Rs 4 crore annually will naturally not look pretty like the school dropouts, cheaters, robbers pampered and rewarded by ntro for their sex services

These prejudices of powerful government employees like parmar, adversely affect their judgement and lead to expensive mistakes, causing unemployment, and low GDP growth.