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Prejudices against women who are not wearing westernized clothes, good looking

One of the main problem indian women face is that powerful government employees like caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodan are extremely ashamed of indian culture, clothes, and think that a woman business owner should wear westernized clothes, like skirts, pants, shirts and similar clothes

These government employees getting a monthly salary, fail to realize that running a business is extremely risky, it is very difficult to make a profit, especially in the tech and indian internet sector for a person who is not well connected
The good looking beautiful women who wear western clothes are free to start their own business , investing their own time and money, why are their powerful relatives interfering in the business of a private citizen

For example the domain investor has been trying to sell domains for more than 4 years, these greedy shameless government employees freelancing for google, tata have refused to pay the market price for the domain names, websites
When these goan and other officials, their relatives, friends are not willing to take any risk, not willing to invest any money, why are they interfering in the business of a private citizen, investor, and lecturing about the clothes of the business owner
For example of March 21, 2018, on twitter cashkaro tweeted, with an image of a female ceo, wearing stilettos, short skirt, lipstick ,indicating the strong prejudice against women business owners, wearing indian clothes.