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A New Side to My Sister

My sister recently lost a lot of weight. She was nearly 100 pounds overweight, and the doctor had given her some bad news about her obesity. Rather than take it laying down, she decided to take action and fight it. I never saw her so determined in all her life, and I was so proud of her when she lost every excess pound in just under one year. I wanted to do something to celebrate with her, so I booked both of us an appointment at a Holland nail salon. I knew firsthand how liberating a pedicure and manicure can make a person feel, but she had never had either one done before.

It is not because she could not afford it because she has a great job that pays very well. She has just never had the confidence in her before to go out and do something like this. I don’t know if it is that she felt so undeserving of nicer things, but she never did anything that would call attention to herself. Now that she has lost all that weight, my sister’s real personality is starting to shine. Something else that is shining on her are her nails.

When we went for that pedicure and manicure, she had such a blast. She was not expecting to feel as good as she did from it, so it did surprise her. It was more than just having her nails done in such a nice way. It was a very liberating feeling, knowing that she is worthy of things like this. She goes and has her nails done at least once or twice a month, and she gets her hair done on a regular basis too. She has been my sister for 25 years, but I am seeing a new side to her that I really like!