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Goan housewife Nisha Dsa in blue and white tshirt

The google, tata sponsored goan housewife is one of the many lazy greedy fraud housewives who the fraud google, tata employees are falsely claiming is working online, as part of the vicious defamation campaign against the harmless google competitor and domain investor, It appears that the goan housewife nisha dsa is part of the organized stalking gang arranged by the google, tata employees in panaji, goa to defame, cheat, defame, exploit and torture the domain investor.

On 21 August 2017, as the domain investor was entering a area, Nisha dsa was spotted wearing a navy blue and white tshirt, black culottes while driving a grey scooter, her hair tied in short ponytail. It appears that she prefers to wear tshirts, especially blue and white often.

This clearly indicates organized stalking in panaji, goa, that nisha dsa and her associates are stalking the google competitor, and asking nisha to leave or enter the area at the same time.