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Fashionable young woman speaking on mobile phone while driving scooter

In panaji, goa, driving a vehicle is considered to be a status symbol , yet there are many young women who are speaking on the mobile phone while driving their scooter which is an extremely dangerous stunt. For example on 31 March 2017, at around 5.40 a young woman driving a scoooter GA – Y 4448 are spotted driving a scooter with one hand , while speaking on the mobile phone at Lake View Colony, Panaji, goa .
The young scooter driver was wearing a fashionable, purple blue pink top and black pants, hair tied in a pony tail, indicating that though educated and fashionable some young women are extremely careless. While it may be possible to manage the car steering while speaking on the mobile, it is extremely risky to drive a scooter with only one hand. It is advisable to stop and complete the phone conversation.

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