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Fashion style of bespectacled cbi associate assaulting domain investor in panaji, goa

Instead of having the honesty and humanity to leave a domain investor they have falsely accused alone , after harassing her for 7 years, corrupt cbi, ntro, security agency employees in panaji, goa continue their ruthless attempt to harass and assault the domain investor.
On 10 April 2017, at a department store in panaji, goa , the google competitor, domain investor was assaulted intentionally by a bespectacled woman wearing a red and white outfit, indicating that cbi employees in panaji had masterminded the assault. The domain investor was trying to remove an item from the store and the cbi associate intentionally assaulted the domain investor hitting her on the head
The bespectacled department store employee was wearing a red and white top, with a embroidered front panel, with orange round circles as embroidery , and red leggings The sleeves of the top which she was wearing had two green stripes on each side . She was married and wearing a mangalsutra, and another necklace. She also was wearing a nose stud with a precious stone, and earrings with the black stone, similar to the stones in the mangalsutra.
Her hair was tied in a bun with hair clips and she was having a black messenger bag with multiple zips for different compartments