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I Am Dating a Gamer Girl

I was surprised when I met this girl at a conference for game designers. Of course that was in Las Vegas and I realized at the time that she worked about six blocks away from me. She invited me to see what she was working on, which is game testing. At any rate I started to date her after about a month of casual contacts and this girl is a really serious gamer. She has all sorts of things related to every game ever, like for example she has three Overwatch pillow on her couch and they are all prized possessions. In fact this guy she works with keeps trying to get her to sell them to her, even though you can just go on the web and get them. At any rate her apartment is like a video game museum. She has just about every system that you could imagine, even an old pong system. You can not even hook that up to a modern TV since they do not have antenna leads which most people would not even know about now.

We played the original Zelda game when we first dated. She had a Nintendo NES hooked up to an old TV that was probably nearly as old as she is. I was thinking about when I was about eight years old and I first played the game. Of course back then the game belonged to my Dad and he was not so happy to let me play it. He was already thinking about getting a Nintendo 64, which is another really fun game system. I really remember how great some of the games were that we had when I was young. Me and my Dad loved to play Mario Cart 64 back then. She had this too of course.