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Fashion style of Google, tata sponsored lazy greedy liar goan housewife Nisha Dsa

The powerful fraud Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees are so vicious in defaming a harmless google competitor, paypal account holder that in panaji, goa that they are falsely claiming that a lazy greedy mediocre cheater goan housewife nisha dsa mother of a girl studying in red rosary, living in st inez, goa. a shameless liar is doing work on the computer to give the fraud housewife nisha dsa great powers at the expense of the google competitor, who is getting nothing
As usual the banking, financial records will prove that the shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees in panaji, goa are pathological liars and frauds as the crooked lazy greedy cunning google, tata sponsored fraud goan housewife nisha dsa will not be able to show a single penny from paypal in her own bank account as she actually does no work at home, relies on fraud ntro,cbi, google, tata employees to make fake claims promoting her and duping people
When google, tata are paying salaries to thousands of employees, can these crooked shameless Google,tata, ntro, cbi employees explain in an open debate why the goan housewife nisha is working online for free for years, without any financial compensation, in an open debate ?
It is important that people are aware of the fashion stype of the crooked nisha dsa so that they are not duped by her lies. Nisha dsa usually wears a tshirt with jeans or cullottes, and has her hair tied in a pony tail. White and blue striped tshirt is her favorite outfit
She may be wearing a denim jacket over her tshirt , and often wears lipstick

More news of her favorite outfits will be published soon