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A Pair of Light Up Shoes for Me

When I saw my 14 year old niece wearing a pair of light up shoes, I thought they were the coolest things I had seen in a very long time. They were black with a green strip of lights around the bottom of them. I told her I really liked them and teasingly asked her where she had gotten them from. She surprised me when she told me that there are a lot of people my age buying light up shoes for adults rather than for younger people like herself.

That really did surprise me, because I had never really paid attention to others’ shoes before. I started looking though when I was out, and I did see a few adults wearing similar shoes to what she was wearing. I decided to go ahead and look online to see if I could find a pair that would go with my workout clothes, since that would be the only time I would wear them. I knew that they would be a fun look especially for when I was out jogging, and I decided to just go ahead and get me a pair of them once I started looking.

I did not get the same ones as my niece even though that was my favorite combination of colors. I just did not want her to feel like we were being twins if we went jogging together. Teens are quite sensitive about those things! I looked at all of my other options, and I really liked the ones that were black shoes with a solid light, like what she has. I ended up getting the pink lights, and I really think that was the best choice because they look so cute on me! I am glad my niece convinced me to go ahead and get a pair of them!