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Great Gift for My Little Sister

My little sister seems to take many of her fashion cues from her friends, which is why I looked online for a light up shoe. Apparently these things are all the rage these days. Me being older, I had never heard of them before. Why would someone want a pair of shoes that light up? I guess I can see the utility in using something like that for jogging or running at night where you need to be seen in traffic, but I don’t get just wearing them around for kicks. Then I saw pictures online and I got it pretty quickly.

These shoes are really, really neat. They have different types you can get, but most of them have a ring of lights around the sole that stay lit while you walk or run. I could easily see why my little sister wanted a pair of these shoes. Even better they come in many different styles and colors. My biggest concern was figuring out exactly what she wanted. I went so far as to invite her and some of her friends to the mall and made sure she told her pals to wear the light up shoes so I could get an idea of what worked.

I paid close attention and then went online and made my best guess and bought a pair. In no time at all I got the shoes and made sure they worked and then wrapped them up. If you’ve ever heard a young girl squeal with pleasure upon opening a gift, you know it’s a marvelous sound. She positively loves the shoes and I don’t think she’s taken them off even to go to bed! I have to say I like them so much on her that I’m considering getting a pair myself. They’re an awesome fashion statement.